Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Would you like to carry the best custom bowstrings in your shop?

We here at Barn Burner Custom Strings know that without the help of a local archery shop none of us would be shooting a bow. We want to offer any dealer anywhere the best possible service we can. We will work day in and day out to make our dealers happy.

We have special programs for dealers of any size as well as some of the best turnaround time in the business. We are not looking to take on every dealer in every state; however we are looking to help a small number of dealers each year. We are doing this to allow the best turnaround time we can. All too often we see companies take on more than they can handle and then you can’t get your string in a reasonable time. We currently have a few spots for new dealers. If you are interested in using Barn Burner Custom Strings as your go-to string company, please fill out the form below for more information.